Specialists in the diagnosis and treatment
of Acute, Chronic and Cancer Pain

Early and accurate diagnosis of your pain condition is the foundation of an effective treatment plan. At East End Pain Center, we believe that it is critical that the patient fully understands their diagnosis and treatment options.

Pain is different than other medical conditions, in the sense that there is no single test that diagnoses it. We must infer the cause through your medical history and additional testing. Once we determine what is causing the pain, we can develop a unique plan for treatment.

All of this and more will be discussed during your initial consultation with Dr. Gargiulo, the Medical Director of the East End Pain Center. Dr. Gargiulo is an Interventional Pain physician with nearly two decades of experience in pain management and anesthesiology. For each patient, he crafts an individual program of appropriate minimally invasive surgical procedures, medications, physical therapy and psychological support.

Our treatment approach is both multidisciplinary and multi-modal. We rely upon on prompt and early consultation with other specialists to address the underlying pain condition, and use a wide array of options to address the complex needs of severe pain conditions and facilitate recovery.

East End Pain Center is located in Southampton, New York. Most treatments and many procedures can be completed right in our office, and those that require a hospital admission are done right here in town at Southampton Hospital.

Dr. Gargiulo

As the Medical Director of AgeFocus, Dr. Juan Gargiulo devotes his practice to preventive medicine, hormone replacement therapy, and customized nutrition and fitness programs serving the greater NY tri-state area. A bio-identical hormone expert, Dr. Gargiulo has maintained a primary interest in the use of hormone therapy, fitness, and nutrition to keep the body in optimal shape. He also has the unique ability to discuss the AgeFocus Age Management program from his own experience as a patient. Dr. Gargiulo exercises daily, follows a prudent low stress/nontoxic lifestyle, eats a healthy low-glycemic diet with appropriate supplementation and has reaped the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for many years. 

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